Mayflower 400 Southampton

Our Partners

Our thanks go to all our partners for their support and contributions to the programme.

Funded Partners

Art Asia – Art Asia’s mission is to communicate the rich and exciting experience of South Asian Arts to the widest possible audience. Visit their website here. 

Artful Scribe – ArtfulScribe support emerging and continuing writers in Hampshire and Dorset to create new work and develop skills through writing workshops, live events and career-development opportunities. Visit their website here.

Audacious CIC – Audacious is dedicated to creating high quality opportunities for the public to engage with light as a creative and interactive medium that fuses arts, technology and innovation in interesting and unusual spaces. Visit their website here. 

City Eye – City Eye support the community, arts organisations, individuals, emerging talent and established talent in the achievement of their filmmaking and digital goals. Visit their website here.

Empathy Museum – Empathy Museum is a series of participatory art projects dedicated to helping us look at the world through other people’s eyes. Visit their website here. 

The New Carnival Company – The New Carnival Company is a pioneering arts development  organisation, based on the Isle of Wight, specialising in carnival and outdoor public celebrations.  Visit their website here. 

Oasis Academy (Mayfield) – Oasis Academy Mayfield are committed to delivering excellence for everyone, entitling their students, staff and community to an exceptional education. Visit their website here. 

The Place – The Place is a creative powerhouse for dance development that is leading the way in dance training, creation and performance. Visit their website here.

SmokeSygnals – SmokeSygnals is a Cape Cod-based marketing and communications agency. They are the leading Native American creative agency in the north east US. Visit their website here.

Solent Showcase Gallery – Southampton Solent University’s art gallery. Showcasing new and innovative work by contemporary artists. Visit their website here. 

Turner Sims – Turner Sims Southampton is a nationally renowned concert hall and live music producing organisation. Visit their website here. 

ZoieLogic Dance Theatre – ZoieLogic challenge the perceptions of dance, who it’s for, where and how it is shown. Visit their website here. 


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