Mayflower 400 Southampton

Southampton Education Resources

These 2020 educational resources for the anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower, have been produced to connect school pupils with our local history as a Gateway city and a city of sanctuary. This resource has been co-created by Oasis Academy Mayfield and Paula Peters of the Wampanoag tribespeople. The resources are aimed at Key Stages 2-4 with weekly hour-long lessons imagined within PSHE or RE sessions. Read more.

Migration Films

To complement our Education Resources we worked with local filmmakers Doherty Associates and City Eye to create a set of films exploring Southampton’s history as a city of migration and refuge. In partnership with locally-based historians, Professor Tony Kushner, Dr Nazneen Ahmed and Don John we have eight films exploring 14 stories which cover significant moments in Southampton’s role as a Gateway City. This does not cover all the aspects of migration that have occurred through the centuries, nor cover every people group, but the common themes of finding refuge and a new home in Southampton are explored in depth through the education resources. Access the films here.

Cultural Connections (ESOL)

Cultural Connections, part of the wider Mayflower 400 project, is an exciting partnership between Southampton City Council Cultural Services, Southampton City Council Adult Learning and the CLEAR Project which aims to offer rich cultural opportunities as well as English as a Second or Other language (ESOL) teaching to members of Southampton’s diverse migrant communities. These activities will be done in a fun, relevant and accessible way that aims to make a lasting impact on participants and those around them. Read more.

Letters to the Mayflower

In 1620, one of the key events that happened in Southampton was the reading of a letter from John Robinson, the Puritan Separatists Pastor who had remained behind in Leiden; this was read on board the ship before she sailed away. 

The letter discusses how to live onboard, and in their planned new settlement, in a way that is understanding and accepting of difference. He discusses the nature of good governance, telling the Puritans that they should work for the common good, elect a good leader who can do that, and that they should pick a man for his honourable actions and not because he looks flashy or talks a good talk.

If you were writing a letter to the Mayflower passengers today, what would you want to say about their voyage? Find out more about ‘Letters to the Mayflower’ 

Southampton 1620

Even in 1620, Southampton was a thriving seaport which had sent many ships across the Atlantic in the past. The Mayflower and Speedwell chose to meet in Southampton as it had everything they needed to prepare themselves for the journey. Then, a town with a population of 4,200, it looked very different to the vibrant city we know now. 

Watch our video about Southampton in 1620

Poetry Resources

To support KRYT, Audacious have worked with ArtfulScribe to commission Susmita Bhattacharya to create a digital resource package to be made available to schools to support KS2 teachers delivering poetry sessions, teaching students how to write poetry about the Mayflower. 

Kennings are a Norse form of compact noun that can result in memorable imagery to contain in a poem. Access the video workshop

List Poems are poems which are created based on a list of items. In Susmita’s workshop we start off with a list of supplies that would have been taken on the Mayflower’s journey. Access the video workshop

A Tanka is a Japanese form of syllabic verse consisting of 5 lines of poetry. Access the video workshop 

Hands of Love – Family Leaves

Dr Nazneen Ahmed, Unity 101 Community Radio and Eastleigh & Southampton Asian community group have come together to run a creative competition for Young People. Family Leaves celebrates the stories of our family trees. Conduct an interview, write a poem and draw a portrait. 

Find out more about ‘Family Leaves’ 

Mayflower Mosaic Trail

Dotted around the Old Town you will find a series of 12 mosaic ships created by Will Rosie. Commissioned by the 2019 Mayor there is also a large mosaic which echoes the design of a previous commemorative Mayflower stamp.

Use the map here to find all 12!

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