Mayflower 400 Southampton

Previous Mayflower Commemorations

Mayflower 350

Southampton has commemorated the Mayflower voyage in many ways throughout the years. In 1970, to mark the 350th anniversary, there was a ceremony held at the Mayflower Memorial. Here you can watch Arthur Jeffery, organiser of that event, recall his memories from the time.  

Memories of Mayflower in Southampton

Southampton is one of several ports in Britain that claims a connection with the voyage of the Pilgrims. In this podcast, Tom Hulme explores why the Mayflower began to be remembered in Southampton in the 19th century, and how local people engaged with the story “in memorials, theatre, and commemorations” up until the present day. Read more.

Commemorations Exhibition

SeaCity’s exhibition Commemorations was open February – August 2020.

The exhibition explored some of the significant events and individuals commemorated in Southampton. The nature and focus of commemorative events have evolved over time, with a more inclusive approach used today. The exhibition looked at how focus of Mayflower commemorative events has widened from merely being a celebration of Anglo-American culture, to acknowledging the disastrous consequences of the arrival of European settlers upon the indigenous population of America.

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