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Towers of Light

Towers of Light was a new project produced by Audacious CIC, led by artist Andy McKeown. It was designed to celebrate the iconic towers of Weston Shore and its community by sending messages of hope and welcome from Southampton out to sea, via a series of illuminated nautical flags. It ran from 10 – 12 December.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, planned work in the community in the run up to the project was severely restricted, however 114 of 126 sea-facing flats still displayed the artworks in their windows to spectacular effect. To extend opportunities for participation, the artist has made a series of online films to engage the residents in a legacy programme where they can re-use the materials from the project. Others can also take part at home too using their own craft supplies.

Whilst audiences were restricted on site, around 15,000 have watched the film of the project, which you can see here.

“My 6.30am run along Weston Shore was brightened up by a beautiful window light art project from @Mayflower400SC. Loved it! More shared art like this please!” Twitter User

The iconic towers of Southampton’s Weston Shore are brought to life as part of the City’s Mayflower 400 programme. Photograph Rachel Adams.

Residents of Southampton’s Weston Shore take a moment to enjoy Towers of Light as part of the city’s Mayflower 400 programme. Photograph Rachel Adams.

Nautical flags spell out a message from Southampton’s Weston Shore to the world as part of their Mayflower 400 Towers of Light project. Photograph Rachel Adams.

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