Mayflower 400 Southampton

South Hampshire Reform Jewish Community 

Southampton’s Migrant Past – A walking tour

This pamphlet and the walking tour are to introduce you to the rich history of Southampton’s migrant past. Southampton, even from prehistory, has been shaped by migration – both through invasion (Romans, Saxon, Viking and Norman) and by refugees and others who have chosen to come or have been sent here, making it the exciting cosmopolitan city it is today. Much of this migrant past is hidden but can still be found. This walking tour will make ‘the invisible, visible’ so that the migrant contribution can be fully appreciated – not only for those who live here but also to visitors to Southampton.

Southampton, past and present, is a place of movement and settlement. This tour is designed to show that its dynamism is built on migration. We hope you enjoy exploring these exciting sites which will concentrate on the historic quarter and the old dock area. A separate tour of the old Cemetery – over a mile to the north – is also provided, revealing again the fascinating and unique histories of migrant Southampton. There are also details of two sites further north still – including what is now Southampton International Airport – both of which held world importance in refugee history in the twentieth century.

The sites are not in chronological order, so you will be in a constant movement across time as well as place. The aim has been to provide insights into as many different types of migrants connected to Southampton.

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