Mayflower 400 Southampton

Cloudz Kidz

Heritage Hunt

Cloudz Kidz CIC led a project which explored heritage in BAME community around Newtown, St. Marys and Northam area. The project encourages the youth of these communities to rediscover and search their rich and valuable heritage.

This project is supplied 3 weeks of activities for 100 children aged 7 – 12 during December 2020.



It is well known that most stories of the BAME community from the past are only verbal, hidden to most people. This project will equip young people to engage in a process of uncovering these stories that are vital to understanding their linage, identity and heritage. It will help them gain a perspective as to when, why and how their forefathers came here and how their life has been since.


We wanted to give opportunity to kids to learn something about their family heritage, let them to spent time screen free and engaged in nice activity which involve whole family.“

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